I am from Australia and I grew up in Torquay, Victoria.
I started travelling in 2002 when I backpacked around
Europe and then used London as a base for many
years. I then moved to Canada and I've spent several
months in Ethiopia and Chile. I've also lived in Peru,
Ghana and Northern Queensland. I am an engineer
by trade and so generally I play with dirt for a living. My
goal is to live on all 7 continents and so far I'm at 5.

Basically I want to know the world. Many people see it
but I want to know it. Thats why I'm going to get as
close to as much of it as possible. A bike offers the
best opportunity for that.

Also check out some of my riding in Africa.
My name is Nicole Paquette and I am a French
Canadian. I grew up and around Timmins,
Canada. I am a physiotherapist, which gives me
and has given me the opportunity to work in
various parts of my own country and other
countries. I always wanted to travel and learn
about other cultures, and I finally started this
dream 2 years ago. I have now visited a total of 13
countries and lived in 3. My absolute love is with
any sort of outdoor activity, especially ones that
involved being active. I believe in and find
satisfaction in being a part of the natural beauties
of this world. This includes hiking through country
sides, up mountains, along coastal land, biking
from town to town along wide open fields, and
camping when ever and where ever I can set up
my tent. I started biking when I moved out to
Vancouver. I would bike to work and back (38km
one way) and along mountainous bike paths. I
really took a liking to it. Since then I’ve biked
across from Santiago Chile to Buenos Aires
Argentina with some friends, a multiple one day
trips from one city to the next, and now i’m going to
bike from London to Melbourne.
Why would two people undertake to ride across most
of the world?

Well mainly because we love adventure... but during
the planning of this ride we realised that this was the
perfect opportunity to make people more aware of
something that is very dear to us. We love cycling and
believe that it is integral to keeping humans here on
this planet for millennia to come. Its hard not to
sound cheesy when speaking about a topic like this
but it drives me crazy to hear people say that they
need a car when really they would feel so much better
if they got out on a bike more often and pushed
through the odd cold day. There's really no good

I want everyone I know to commit to riding
somewhere once a week. If you go to the pub once a
week then ride there. Even ride to work every day.
Post your commitment on the guest book

We do (when not working in the arctic) and its

Thanks for listening and I hope that we can convince
you that its a good idea.
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