The tibetan part of the journey

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So I have found a tour guide willing and apparently able to take us from Kathmandu to Lhasa and beyond.
The itinery that he has proposed is

Day 01: Kathmandu to Kodari border (Nepal/Tibet border)
Day 02: Border to Nyalam
Day 03: Nyalam acclimatization
Day 04: Nyalam to Beyound Thong La
Day 05: Beyound Thong La to Tingri
Day 06: Tingri to Rongbuk
Day 07: Rest day at Rongbuk and hike up to EBC
Day 08: Rongbuk to Tingri
Day 09: Tingri to Shigar
Day 10: Shigar to 5-km N. of Gyatso La
Day 11: After Gyatso La to Lhatse
Day 12: Lhatse to After Tso La
Day 13: After Tso La to Shigatse
Day 14: Rest day at Shigatse
Day 15: Shigatse to Gyantse
Day 16: Rest day at Gyantse
Day 17: Gyantse to Before Karo La pass
Day 18: Before Karo La pass to Nagarste
Day 19: Nagarste to after Khamba La pass
Day 20: After Khamba La pass to Lhasa
Day 21: Lhasa
Day 22: Lhasa
Day 23: Lhasa
Day 24: Lhasa to after Ganden monastery
Day 25: Ganden to after Rutok
Day 26: Rutok to Sumdoka
Day 27: Sumdoka to Gyamda
Day 28: Gyamda to Beba
Day 29: Beba to Nyintri county
Day 30: Drive to Rawu Lake
Day 31: Pashu to Pamda
Day 32: Pamda to Gyalthang
Day 33: Drive to Lijiang

He will be driving near us in a land cruiser and carrying the gear. I originally thought that this might be a bit of a woose out but then I figured that just riding over the Himalaya was probably achievement enough without the gear.
Its not exactly the most sustainable way of transporting stuff but its seriously the only way that I’ve found that even looks promising to get through Tibet. I figured that the overall benefit of the ride would outweigh that slight addition to pollution.
Other people are also very welcome to come along for that section and if you contact me I can let you know the costs involved (not the cheapest but pretty fun) and all the more hairy details involved in getting you there and to see Everest Base Camp.
I’m pretty stoked that I’ve found this guy and hopefully the Chinese will open Tibet soon and we can make sure that we get through.

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