how the gear is surviving after a month

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The bikes seem to be holding together well after a month.
I had some troubles because I damaged my chain but thats fixed now.
The tyres and teh brake pads are wearing out fast and will need replacing by istanbul.
I’m still happy with my seat which is the one off of my specialized road bike. Nic’s seat is going ok but she is having more back end problems than me.

The keen sandals are going really well but the tan lines from them are hilarious.

Our tent has been great so far.

the sleeping mats both have holes in them and so really now are just insulators to the ground rather than matresses but we’ll hopefully be able to pick up some patches if we can find a camping store.

our stools were a great idea but they were pretty cheap and so probably won’t last much longer.

the msr stove is really good and we’ve been using unleaded petrol to power is and it is going well. It is the most widely available fuel and we use about 1 euro in fuel per week.

the tioga panniers are very waterproof but they aren’t likely to make the entire journey without problems.

The pack safety mesh that we use to lock up the bags at night is a great peice of mind and has kept the gear safe.

the bikes came with a 48 tooth big ring on the front of the bikes but I up graded it to a 50 tooth ring and I’m happy that I did as we have had the need to push the big ring a few times and its been good to get the speed when needed rather than overspinning.

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