our routine

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the day usually starts with us waking between 6 and 7 but usually 6:30.
I unlock the gear and cook breaky while Nic packs the tent and bedding.
We usually hit the road between 8 and 9 and ride in the cooler morning air.
We need to stop so Nic can snack around 25 to 30 km into the day and then continue on to have lunch somewhere around the 50 or 60 km mark.
then its push to where ever we are aiming for the day with usually less sightseeing in the afternoon.
The number of hills detirmines the number of afternoon breaks.
We usually hit 80 to 100 km for the day but start looking for a camp spot around teh 80 km mark.
We try to free camp as much as possible and thats been really easy to do except along the coast.
Then we set the camp up and I cook dinner while nic does the other chores around teh camp and then we eat and chill and sleep.

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