Slovinian Awesomeness

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So after my slightly scathing attack on italy I figured that I should post some positive stuff and basically its impossible to say negative stuff about slovenia.
From the second that we hit the border it was spectacular. The countriside was gorgeous and it seems that they have been handing out free house paint for years and so all the houses are beautiful. All of the industry is hidden behind nice clumps of trees and even the rubbish dump that we passed looked kinda pretty. The drivers were so far the best that I have encountered in the world and seemed be actually aware that cyclists exist and didn’t want to run us over. In fact they deliberatley tried to get out of our way all the time. Even the slight waynes world feel to the mens fashion in the countriside had a certain charm. The people were the most interested in talking to us than anywhere else so far with random strangers trying to say hello at every turn. We stayed in Ljubljana with a great couchsurfing family and they even put on a slightly less than legal fireworks show for Nic for Canada Day. Even the fact that it rained every day didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the place and its beauty. Cycling through Slovenia comes highly recommended by us and you can even avoid riding up most of the mountains and still see lots of the country.
So thanks to Slovenia and to the people that we met Tone and his family and Andrje and everyone else.
big hugs

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