Going to the toile.. oops I mean delhi.

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Well after the fun of being scammed good and proper by americans and the people in azerbaijan were too dumb to help we final made it to India. The flight was great despite a few more hassles at the airport because the guy couldn’t figure out how to charge my card for the bikes and after an hour of messing around I literally forced him to retry the card and.. wow it worked. Gee we were glad to be out of that place. As the turkish airlines business class was only 35 euros each extra we went for that option and wow its gunna be hard to fly with the plebs again. Also turkish airlines offers free sightseeing tours to people in transit in istanbul so we took the opportunity to see a few things that we missed earlier and got into them for free. Yay for free.
Then we arrived in Delhi. The airport isn’t the worst in the world so I wasn’t expecting what hit us in the streets once we got there. We landed at 4 am and so the street around our hostel were literally full of people sleeping in the streets as they don’t have any shelter what so ever. It was so much poorer than anything I’ve ever seen. Even Ethiopia had a slightly higher standard than most of delhi. The sights of delhi are pretty cool but having to step around people pooing in the streets really turns you off a place. The poor are uber poor and it really tested my resolve on giving to beggars. but still I won’t give as it makes it worse for all the others in the same situation. The smell in Delhi is quite amazing to say the least but the number one thing that has pissed me off (sorry for the language) is the men of india’s attitude to Nic. They don’t even bother to look at her face. Just straight at her body and then sometimes they’ll look up to make a kissy kissy action. That is kind of amusing because they totally miss the fact that I’m walking directly behind her and consequently they don’t see the elbow to the back of the head. I got ten in a one hour stretch and missed several more.
Once we got on the road we had to quickly change riding tactics. Its true that the indians can’t drive but they are used to people riding all sorts of human powered vehicles and so aren’t surprised by us The thing is that if nic rides behind me, car loads or motor bike loads of morons will cut her off to separate us and then stop and stare at her while making rude gestures. Its been a real struggle for me to control my temper here. I can take anything myself but if someone hassles Nic then I see red and I’ve already punched through the windscreen of an autorickshaw (it was already broken a bit so I’m not a superman here). The indians seem in no way violent, just disgusting, and are pretty intimedated by me. I kinda tower over them which is a nice advantage but I’m doing lots and lots of breathing excersices to sort myself out. There is one thing that I think that I’ve realised. I can see why arranged marriages need to happen, as no girl in her right mind would marry a jerk with this sort of behaviour. I can also see why budhism is a religion of trying to find peace. I might try to take it up here. I think that I need it.
Also its extremely difficult to do anything here without gathering a small horde of onlookers that make no action to communicate other than to just stare at us. My tactic to combat this is to give them a minute to gawk and then I pick the ringleader and stand a few inches from his face and stare back. It usually takes 30 seconds of that and some hand gestures and the crowds dissipate. Still it sucks when you’re mega hot and tired and just want to sit under a tree for a few minutes.
The positives of india are there. They are a long way down this blog but they are here. The colours are amazing and the women seem nice and friendly to us both and the saris are an awesome way of dressing. So colourful. The food is great when you can find a place clean enough to think of eating in and the remaining medieval history is spectacular. We’ve found the sehk guys have been quite gentlemanly and good blokes.
Whne you are in a hotel or something similar then the service is pretty first rate. Things are cheap here and you still get smiles from the service crew and thats great. I’m sure india would be great if you did it in a completely confined tour and had a hotel to hide in every afternoon but its a hard slog on a bike.
The fresh friut here is keeping nic fed and happy and we’ve been doing the vegetarian thing here as we’re not too sure about the meat products.
Anyway thats quite the novel and we have to be up early to catch sunrise over the taj mahal so will be back in a few days.

Nic and Tc


  1. Heike said,

    September 21, 2009 at 4:45 am

    Hey Trent and Nic,
    Wow – I think meditation would be really good to pick up for you :-)
    I have never experienced India that negatively, although I have to say that India tested my nerves as well. But the men were never rude. I hope for you that the rest of your Indian experience will be less stressful. I’ve never been to Delhi, and even though the rest of your trip won’t be a stroll in the park, there is hope that your situation will improve. All the best and lots of strength (and patience, my dear Trent) to you. Heike

  2. Ed Henri said,

    October 19, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Hey Trent

    First time reading the blog. What an interesting and entertaining read. And I have only read the last month. Look forward to reading about the experience riding through the himalayas. The cool wx should be good for the uphills but not so sure about the windchill when riding downhill.


  3. Russell said,

    October 26, 2009 at 10:39 am

    TC, I was a little worried your tale would end up with a gang of gawkers pushing you off your bike, running away, pulling it apart and selling the spare parts. Hope you got some some satisfaction from the confrontations and that Nic coped ok in the end.

    Beth and I went to a yoga retreat in the Daintree towards the end of December and they were big on meditiation there. Perhaps a good place for you and Nic to unwind when you get back to Aus. Ohmmm…

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