Taj Mahal

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There are some monuments in the world that everyone raves about but they turn out to be a let down. The leaning tower of pisa is one of those. The taj mahal is not.
At the risk of sounding like a woose it is splendid. It is an amazing dedication of love that shows that feeling in every detail. Some structures make you feel small and that one did to me. truely beautiful. See… I’m not a complete pesemist I can say some good things about india.
No photo can do it justice. I feel the same way when I stand under teh eifle tower. That mainly because it is using engineering form as beauty and that is the nerd in me but this contains such great simetrical detail on such a grand scale.
I saw the agra fort today which is a very cool fortress that would have cost 2 armies if you wanted to take it.
Today has been much more of a positive than the previous days so hopefully things improve as we head east. Its 290 km from here to Kanpur and then a couple more to the border and Nepal. Hopefully the strategies that we’re developing to cope with the negatives will work out.

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