Quite a stir

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So apparently our escapades yesterday made national indian news. The police are always getting a hard time about their image and they were eager to make sure that I was happy with their performance on this matter. I didn’t think it was a huge deal. I just wanted to teach a dirty bugger a lesson (that shouldn’t need to be taught) but apparently it does here. Last night we had some visits from some pretty top brass from the police and from a news crew from a major national news channel. Quite the circus and the hotel staff were so excited. I’m pretty sure tha thte cops tipped the news crew off as they knew just a few too many details about the whole thing to have picked it up by gossip. Either way I’m pretty sure that all is good for us but were are know all around town now and so Nic is staying in as much as possible. Hopefully our package arrives tomorrow (monday) and we can find a person that can tell us a reliable time for the train out and we’ll get to Nepal asap. Once there we plan to kick back in Kathmandu and wait for our onward visas and permits and maybe do a bit of hiking around the area. Also some mountain training on teh bikes as we’ve got a nice big road ahead of us if the visas come through.
In other news the chinese have closed tibet again have promised to reopen it on the 8th of Oct. I really hope so as not being able to do this part of the journey would be the last straw.
Anywya bye for now.


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