Ahhh Nepal

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Wow. Its like someone has turned down the volume. Its quieter, cleaner, much less smelly and the most important part is that the people know how to smile and welcome a stranger. We’ve been a few days in Nepal are really like it. It may have been a shock if we had first come here but compared to india this is a paradise. Things changed from the border onwards. The 2 full days that we have had in Kathmandu have been great. We are staying in teh touristy area which is kinda cool. The novelty of seeing white people again is starting to wear off but to see them again was so strange. The are that we are in has bars and serves food that isn’t curry and has everything that you could want to buy. The food in india was one of teh highlights but 2 straight weeks of curry leaves you craving a change even if the curry is great. Yesterday we did a 50 m ride to get teh legs working again. It was 25 km uphill out of town and 25 back. The countryside and rural people here are really cool. Lots of green with rice paddies interspersed with stands of trees and the towns and fields are full of people with an easy smile and they are always quick to great you with teh standard Namaste. For a country that has a literacy rate below 50% there is an amazing amount of english here and even if the people don’t have any other languages, their ability to communicate makes life easy and cool. I refuse to believe that this country is poorer than india. In india the poor are retched, squalid and offensive. Here the people seem to care for their surroundings and have more pride in themselves (the indian woman took pride in their appearance but that was the only thing, everything else was covered in poo) and their surroundings. Here the children build swings and play things for themselves and seem to know how to have fun. The staff in the hotel that we are in are awesomely friendly and helpful (for $10 per day its a great deal) and they are typical of the Nepalese that we’ve met. Even the touts in the city are friendly about annoying you with their business. I’ve mever met more friendly guys trying to sell me hash on the street anywhere. Today we jumped on a local bus out to a temple for the ritual sacrifice day (we missed the goat being killed but aren’t too upset) and then went on a hike in the hills. All was fun and got some great photos looking down onto the city from the surrounding hills.
Cam joins us tomorrow and we’ll then spend some time around teh city waiting for our visas and doing a few hikes and bike rides of a few days. It should also be fun getting CAm upto the proper fitness to tackle the job of riding over teh worlds highest mountain range. We’re not even sure if we’re ready after 5 months on the road. It will all be fun and hopefully the visa comes through from the chinese embassy quickly so that we can start before it gets truly cold in the mountains. We’re expecting lows around -10 to -15 as it is.
Anyway bye for now


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  1. mia said,

    October 13, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    it’s like india is the straight cordial and nepal is the diluted version that’s so much easier to drink, isn’t it?


    have fun!

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