Bayi City in Eastern Tibet

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Email sent by TC, November 9, 2009

I don’t have a long time to write much of a blog entry at the moment but I thought that I’d give a quick update for teh site and you as to where we are. We’re in teh town of Bayi City in Eastern Tibet. We’re 6 days ride out of lhasa and down to 3000 m in Elevation. We’ve had to check in with the police at each town and stay in the police sponsered hotel as they don’t trust us pesky foreigners to stay just anywhere. We all obviously want to start a rebellion. Our por guide even has to stay in teh same hotel and they always choose the most expensive place (probably because the bribes are bigger) so the guide is forking out most of his weeks wage to stay with us. Seems a little unfair but he’s tibetan and the chinese government doesn’t seem to care. This part of the country is also amazingly different from the rest of tibet and exhibits almost none of the features of the western part of teh place.
We’ve ridden more than 300km from the capital and we are still seeing people walking along the road making a pilgramage to Lhasa. You can tell they are pilgrims as they prostrate themselves on the ground and pray every 10 steps and then get up and walk another 10. Spooky dedication.
Anyway better go but we’ve got another 4 days to Lijiang in the Yunnan province and more internet, sit down toilets and civilisation.

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