Bosnian surprises

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Well after the war depression that we saw across the centre of croatia we were so amazed to see so much life and reconstruction across bosnia.
We stopped and had ourselves a nice hotel stay in a city not far from the border but I can’t remember the name now. We needed a good clean up and the stop was little celebration treat as I finally sucked it up and poped the question that had been building for a while. I asked if nic would buy the beers this time. Well I’ll hopefully send a proper email about that soon but I’m a tad rushed at the mo.
Anyway we cruised through to Banja Luka and were invited to an awesome 18th birthday party in a tiny camp ground and got a little tipsy and were kept up to all hours as the kids these days really know how to party late. (I suck at being old). Then we travelled done some of the most beautiful gorges and rivers and things and had a great time. We met heaps and heaps of other cyclists on the road which was a great change. We loved mostar and Sarajevo (that was a quick side trip on the train) and we then passed out to the coast and the other bit of croatia.
Jajce was awesome as we were the only travellers in town and the guy even came and unlocked teh fortress for us to go and have a look. Its beautiful and not as touristy as anywhere else. We really think that everyone should come and see bosnia on a bike before all of the tourists come and flood it and steal the culture. Hmm I see a small flaw in that plan. Oh well its our little secret.