The (greek) gods must be Crazy

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Well I’ve had a bit of internet time lately so a few more blogs coming your way. Thats because we are starting each day much earlier and so having loads more time in the afternoons to muck around.
The reasons for the early start is the amazingly infernal heat that batters the land from 12pm onwards. We’ve had several days over 40 in the shade. It gets to the point where I can’t swallow the water faster than it comes out of my pores (I look like a collander, I’m sure). As a result we’re trying to be off the bikes by 1pm at the latest and hiding in a net cafe or bar through the nasty bits of the day. The heat really started around dubrovnik but the altitude helped after there. The sacrifice of this is that we need to be out of bed early and have stopped having cooked breakies to get us on the road as soon as it is light.
Also there has been a constant wind in Greece. Not always in the same dirrection but it is always blowing. The first day over the border we had a 40+degree headwind and so made it 10km before taking refuge in a cool little bar that was in a large stand of trees. They had some traditional music playing later (which is infinitely better than the bulgarian stuff) and so we had a few drinks and camped under the brigde over the nearby river. We slept well until 2am when the wind turned around and blew with impressive strength. By 4 am we gave up trying to pretend that we were going to get anymore sleep and attempted to pack up in the wind. The fact that our tent didn’t blow away is a testament to it (even though it’s caused a few difficulties in the past). We made it about 10km before having to stop at a servo and take refuge again as the wind was literally picking nic up and moving her across the road. It was teh only time that I’ve hidden from a tail wind but at least we survived. Once it abated we got in a good solid 100 km day. Once again the greek hospitality has been awesome and we were treated to watermelon and drinks by Nico who was on holidays to help his parents run their petrol station.
Now we’re back on teh mainland after taking a day off on teh island of Thassos. Really nice and chilled out island. Loved it as a great place to relax and the kind of place to take a family on holiday. We’re a few days form Turkey and onward.