Krazy Kosovo

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DO NOT CYCLE IN KOSOVO!!! Seriously those people can not drive. I don’t care how much war and attrocity you’ve seen that is no excuse for the driving that nearly killed us a hundred times in Kosovo. The roads are pretty crap, the cars are really crap and the driving nonskills are downright appauling. The edges of Kosovo are pretty nice but the middle isn’t much at all. The hills out of Montenegro were stunning and well worth the 5 new tourist resorts that are being built there. The north bit which the serbians refuse to believe is not part of serbia is pretty nice and a billion times calmer than the main part of the country. The traffic even became survivable as we approached the southern border but the cetral section was chaos. We had an awesome meal at a local restaurant and the staff at our “by the hour” motel were really nice but the place is so disorganised that its scary and there have been no improvements since I was there 5 years ago. I was really disappointed to see that they have done relatively nothing since then. The head winds didn’t help much either but there should be a blanket ban on exporting cars to Kosovo and in 3 years there will be none left so they might appreciate the lose then. The only slightly thoughtful driving move that I saw in the entire country came from a german car. You also have to worry when you feel reassured that the car behind you is a tank because at least you know that the driver is not from kosovo. The guys there also made Nic feel really uncomfortable with the way that they looked at her and I must admit that I nearly came to blows with a few of them for that. So far it really seems that Nic’s idea that every second country is cool is holding true. Kosovo didn’t really impress either of us.
Anyway we now have to get back to enjoying a few relaxing bulgarian beers so bye for now.