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Area is 56,542km (that fits 160 times into Canada) with a population of 4,453,500.
currency – kuna
Capital Zagreb,
Broken into 5 regions
-Istria and Kvarner Area
-Central Croatia
-The Northern Counties
-Slavonia and Baranja
Its place in the world is Central Europe,

The country is 40% mountainous (sucks for bike riding) and its wildlife consists of bears, wolves, wild bores, Aussie tourists, lynx, badgers (see badgersbadgersbadger.com), foxes, roebucks and chamois. The bits that aren’t mountainous are nice plains and there they farm goodies like maize, wheat, soya, wine (mmm wine) and nasties like tobacco and things that Interpol would love to know about.
The coastline is about 4800 km long and is pretty. They grow lots of stuff there like olives, lemons, vines, lavendar and broom.

The official language of the country is Croatian but there are three dialects of it. Without the use of an appropriate keyboard they are really hard to write but we’ll make the best effort that we can with a dodgy English keyboard.
The dialects are
Stokavski – southern and eastern Croatia
Cakavski – Istria and Dalmatia
Kajkavski – Zagreb and “The North”

They are pretty big in the sculpture scene in Croatia but they have some nice architecture because they are in the middle of the eastern and western European influences. There’s a big melting pot of influence in there. That’s about all the stuff on art we could stay awake to note.

They Croats love their religious festivals with lots of traditional costumes and traditional drinking. As with most of Europe these are packed into the summer months (yay we’ll be there in summer).

Our Route takes us through
Central Croatia
It’s the least touristy region and has been a meeting point for loads of ancient dudes over the centuries. We’re most likely to stop at Zagreb, Sisak and Glina. We’re hoping to have a look around the Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb as it’s renowned as one of the most beautiful spots a dead person can be in the world.
We take a quick duck through Bosnia and then back into
That’s the most touristy because it has lots of awesome coastline and people say that it has an Italian feel but without all of the Italians. We’ll probably stop in Dubrovnik, Cavtat and Konavle. Apparently Dubrovnik is pretty swish if you avoid infernos night club and it’s a nice medieval walled city.