The Stats to Tbilisi

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Countries visited = 15
Total Km = 6878.0
Total elevation gain = 51753 m
total days = 116
cycling days = 84
Highest point = 1864 masl
Days of rain = 30
Days with head wind = 36.5
Day with tail wind = 25
-Trent = 10
-Nic = 3
-Christal = 3
-Road Kill = 1 poor little snake
Flats = 14
- 2 chain breaks
- 1 new hub
- 2 new tyre
- 2 new sets of brakes
- 1 bag clip
Co riders = 9
Side trips = 6
Visas required = 1
Visas gained = 3
Passes 1000 m plus = 8
Passes 2000m plus = 0
Longest day = 148 km
Fastest speeds
-Tc = 68.8km/h
-Nic = 62.1km/h
Average time on bike per day = 4.5 hrs
Steepest grade
-official 11%
-unofficial 15%
Hottest day = 42 deg C in Greece
Coldest day max = 16 deg C in UK
Longest time without shower = 6 days
Days of free camping = 53
Days of hospitality accomm = 19
Wedding proposals = 2
Average km per cycling day = 81.88 km
Average km per day = 59.29 km


how the gear is going after week one

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Things that good
- Neoprene booties
- camp stools
- GPS is good fun
- removable arms on bike tops
- accupuncture needles.
- cameras
- sleeping mats (it is worth carrying the good big ones)
- pillows (mmm comfy black wolf pillow)
- tent is going really well especially the set up features
- flouro vests on back of bikes for visibility, we can be seen from miles away

Things that are bad
- wobbly panniers (large imbalance at front end)
- GPS (needed to spend the money on detailed maps for it) the one that I have is not really for road navigation.
- food is too heavy.
- we have too much gear.
- screws and nails on the road
- toyworld waterbottle cages aren’t good enough
- trent’s short camera lens is faulty so only have the telephoto.
- Nic’s seat needs to be better. Already having a few issues. This was the best of the 5 seats that she tried out and so more research or luck was needed there.
Our clothes aren’t quick drying enough, need less cotton.

The main equipment is holding up ok so far but the front panniers are creating a weight imbalance on the bikes that is causing massive speed wobbles at anything over 25 km/h. We will be playing with that in Paris but if it continues the stress on the frame will be too much and our arms will wobble off.



Taking the pedals off of bikes

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It took me ages to figure this out. It probably shouldn’t have but it did cos I suck.

If you are taking pedals off then make sure that you have a proper open ended spanner for the job. I used to use a tiny little shifting spanner but it kept slipping and I stuffed up a few pedals. So I went out and got a proper, thin profile, 15 mm, open ended spanner. Who would have thought that the right tools for the job would have made things easier. Derr!!

Any once you have your spanner fit it to the pedal right next to the crank. To figure out the way to turn it to undo the pedal, try to turn the nut in both directions. The direction that turns the pedals in a backwards direction (the non-drive direction) is the right one to undo the pedals. Then put your foot on the pedal to hold it still and turn the spanner. Presto, the thing should loosen up. Then repeat the process on the other side. Its the non drive direction thats the key to knowing which way to go.

Also when putting pedals back on make sure that they go on the correct side or you’ll really stuff your bike up and cost yourself lots of money.

Hope that helps someone out there.