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Frequently Asked Questions
Well since this website is a little new there haven't been enough questions
asked to consider which ones are frequently asked and which aren't. I'll be
adding to the site over the coming months but if you want to ask something then
please drop me an email and I'll email you back and put the answer here.
Where you can find us
  • Weather on the route
  • Visa requirements
  • highlights of each part of the journey -
    coming soon
  • When will we be everywhere
  • Where are we going to stay on the
    ride - camping, couchsurfing and
  • How can you get a tax free bike in the
  • How much will it cost. - we are
    budgeting about $20 per day each on
    average over the whole journey. More
    in Europe, less elsewhere. There are
    also flights, bikes and gear to look
    into. I've managed to work pretty hard
    the last year and save enough to self
    fund the journey. Any sponsors for
    gear would be appreciated  so that
    we have a bigger emergency fund. I'll
    put together a budget page as it gets
    closer and I start actually paying for
    stuff. Visas cost lots too.
  • Bikes - There are many decisions to
    be made but we are looking into
    specially made touring bikes with
    front and rear paniers. I'll put a
    detailed page of the way I went about
    deciding when I buy the bike. Check
  • Previous experience - Nic has spent
    several weeks riding from Santiago to
    Buenos Aires in 2007. Trent has
    completed the multistage Cape Epic
    in South Africa and ridden the leg of
    the Tour d'Afrique from Livingston,
    Zambia to Windhoek, Namibia and
    several smaller rides of a few days.
    Both Nic and Trent ride where ever
    they can around the areas that they
    live and forgo motorised transport
    whenever possible.
  • Length of the ride -  the total distance
    of the twowheels ride is expected to
    be in the region of 28,000 km and will
    take around 13 - 15 months. The
    kathmandu to Lhasa section is 1100
    km over 22 days and you gain 4600 m
    lowest to highest.
  • The highest elevation is at everest
    base camp 5220 m and the lowest is
    200 m below sea level in Baku,
  • For discussions on our other gear
    click here
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